Here you'll find external and internal research into the connections of Global Teams, Intercultural Communication, and Language Training, as well as little tidbits such as words or phrases of the day.

team with hands on top of one another

Do you trust me?

“Do you trust me?” … “Don’t you trust me?” … ”Can I trust him/her?” It seems nearly anytime we ask these questions of the relationship we have, whether it’s private or business, our relationship is often already in a perilous condition. We NEED trust in our relationships with our business teams, our clients, our partners,…

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How language shapes the way we think

  “Variety is the spice of life.” In this TedTalk, Lera Boroditsky gives some perfect examples of how language affects different perspectives. Without cultural understanding in combination with learning languages, a lot can be lost in translation. She makes some fascinating points! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Have you ever encountered…

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Welcome / Willkommen

  I am thrilled that you’ve found your way to CQ Lingo. CQ Lingo’s mission is to help you connect better with others in our globalized work world. Connecting with one another requires willpower, knowledge, understanding, trust, openness, flexibility, strategy, action and the communication skills necessary to deliver it all. This is true on the…

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