Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Training

We help you improve your cultural intelligence (CQ) so that you can thrive and perform effectively in multicultural settings. Studies show that developing the four elements of CQ – motivation, knowledge, strategy and action leads to better adaptation, better decision-making, improved negotiations, more trust and more innovation in international environments. CQ improves intercultural communication.

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  • Integrated CQ training as an integral part of the online
    language training
  • Pure CQ training for native and advanced English

How to join

Step 1Ask for a free demo

  • Discover the variety of media and scope of the offered courses.

Step 2 Choose a course.

  • If you are an advanced English learner or native speaker, choose the Cultural Intelligence course. If you are an intermediate learner, choose one of the integrated language + CQ courses. In order to provide diversity in the classroom, courses will first be conducted with 4-5 participants. As an individual, your course may be delayed until the minimum course participation is achieved.
  • If you represent a company and are looking for a corporate solution, read the course descriptions and determine if the prepared courses fit your needs. If not, talk to us about your specific wishes and we will develop a customized solution for your organization.

Step 3 Pay for the course.

  • Payment with Visa or Mastercard is possible directly on our website. Once paid, you will be able to immediately access the course which you have selected.
  • Direct bank transfers can be made between Individuals or Corporations and the CQ Lingo bank account. Once processed, CQ Lingo administration will grant access to the CQ Lingo courses that were selected.
  • As a language and communication school, we do not charge value-added tax (VAT) / Umsatzsteuer (Ust) for courses.

Step 4 Begin exploring

  • Once your payment has been processed and access granted, enter the CQ Lingo training platform through the courses button in the banner of this website. Log in within the training platform, enter your course, check the appointments for the live classes, see which live classes require preparation beforehand, discover what all is available in our reference library, and check out the chatroom.

Step 5 Begin learning

  • Begin learning in the autonomous and individualized sections whenever you want. Our system will track what you have done, so you can see all that you have accomplished as you go along. Some live classes require preparation, so be sure to prepare before we meet. Come to the live classes at the scheduled times. Enjoy learning as you improve your skill set.