English for International Project Management

deals with the communication challenges associated with leading or participating in international projects. Topics cover:

  • general challenges that come with international projects
  • building better communication beginning with the initial kick-off phase
  • maintaining good communication to keep projects on track and effectively deal with conflicts
  • closing a project successfully

English is trained using examples, case studies and group projects associated with project management. Intercultural competence and cultural intelligence (CQ) will also be trained so that you can improve your effectiveness in working with others from different cultures. 

The course is a combination of self-guided, individual learning and live class time in small groups with participants from around the world. Small group projects will enable you to develop and test your language, communication, professional and intercultural skills. 

Throughout the course, you will be able to practice your, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Course participants also have access to our chatroom, where you can text one another as well as share and read interesting reports and articles. 

English for International Project Management - Course Outline

  •  Section 1 Introduction; Defining Culture
  •  Section 2 Cultural intelligence and international projects
  •  Section 3 Project management processes
  •  Section 4 Kickoffs and teamwork
  •  Section 5 People management styles
  •  Section 6 Staying on schedule
  •  Section 7 Improving communication
  •  Section 8 Dealing with conflict
  •  Section 9 Negotiations
  •  Section 10 Project marketing
  •  Section 11 Finishing successfully
  •  Section 12 Project presentation and reflection